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classickicks07 said: Hi there, I was wondering if you could ship me with EXO M and K. I am about 5ft 4in, with brown to blonde ombre hair and green almond shaped eyes. I am swimmer and am super into makeup and fashion. I slightly awkward at first but once i get to know i am bubbly and borderline obnoxious. Thank You :)


Hello! Thanks for the request!!! Enjoy!!! ≧◡≦

In Exo K, I ship you with D.O! When the two of you first meet, you two are extremely awkward and Kyungsoo is playing with him hands. Kai, you’re close friend, had brought you to this party with his members, hoping you would find a nice member to date, so when he saw this, he jumped right on it, trying to get the two of you to talk. Soon enough, you both became comfortable with each other. Later on, when the two of you decide to date, it’s the best thing that has ever happened. You two are so comfortable around each other and love joking around, and it shows Kyungsoo just how lucky he is, and reminds himself to tell Kai thank you for finding the perfect girl for him. <3

In Exo M, I ship you with Tao! He is obsessed with fashion, and would love to talk to you about it and show off his Gucci collection! How the two of you would bond is definitely by shopping, and he’d love watching how focused and cute you look while searching through the racks. You’d always catch him staring, which he would quickly turn away, blushing, and going through his own rack. At home, you’d beg to give him a makeover and show off your make-up skills, and once he finally agreed to it, you made him look amazing, but still like a boy. The other members were very impressed, and Baekhyun wanted you to teach him how you get the eyeliner to be like that. Baekliner Tao truly loves you, and will make sure the two of you never separate. <3

Hope you liked it!!! ^.^

~Admin Wolfia<3

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'cuz EXO derp is the best EXO ever.

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Trying to remember an answer when taking a test


Remembering the answer after you’ve turned the test in


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時間煮雨 - Times boils the rain

風吹雨成花 時間追不上白馬
你年少掌心的夢話 依然緊握著嗎
The wind blows the rain into blossoms,
time can no longer catch the fairytales of youth
Those dream talks in the palms of your youth,
are you still holding them tight?

雲翻湧成夏 眼淚被歲月蒸發
這條路上的你我她 有誰迷路了嗎
The clouds turn and gush into summer
The tears evaporate with the steam of time
On this path, you, me, and her,
has anyone lost their way?

我們說好不分離 要一直一直在一起
就算與時間為敵 就算與全世界背離
We said we’ll never separate,
that we’ll be together forever and ever,
even if we must fight against time,
even if we must stand against the world.

風吹亮雪花 吹白我們的頭髮
當初說一起闖天下 你們還記得嗎
The wind blows, lighting the snowflakes,
whitening our hair,
Once we said we’ll venture into the world together,
do you still remember?

那一年盛夏 心願許的無限大
我們手拉手也成舟 劃過悲傷河流
Midsummer of that year,
we wished those infinitely large wishes
Hand in hand, we became the canoes
that rowed across the sad river.

你曾說過不分離 要一直一直在一起
現在我想問問你 是否只是童言無忌
You said we’ll never separate,
that we’ll be together forever and ever,
now I want to ask you,
were they only empty words of naivety?

天真歲月不忍欺 青春荒唐我不負你
大雪求你別抹去 我們在一起的痕跡
The years of innocence cannot bare to be betrayed.
Through the wild youth I never left you.
Snow storm, please don’t erase
the prints of us together

大雪也無法抹去 我們給彼此的印記
Snow storms cannot erase
the memories we imprinted upon each other.

今夕何夕 青草離離
明月夜送君千里 等來年 秋風起
What a night is this,
amongst the lush green grass ,
under the bright moon, I bade farewell to thee,
until the autumn winds of longing blow again.

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Fashionista Oh

yep he is good

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Note to self: choose the right one to get the most precious reward

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Remember in 2012 when Sehun and Kai looked like Drake and Josh.
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Remember in 2012 when Sehun and Kai looked like Drake and Josh.